Five simple habits to create the ultimate morning routine

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I used to hate mornings… pressing snooze multiple times, dragging myself out of bed, making an instant coffee, sometimes skipping breakfast and running out the door in a rush… Sound familiar? Starting my mornings like this didn’t set me up for a great day – I’d be starving by mid morning looking for sugary snacks to give me energy… But not anymore!

How you start your day really matters. A great morning routine takes time and starts with some preparation the night before. You get to choose how your day starts and making time for a few simple habits will set you up for a great day. Here are my top five tips for how to create the ultimate morning routine.

Start with your night time routine 

I have always had trouble sleeping so my night-time routine is super important to me. Choose a bed time that allows you to get your eight hours – I sometimes set an alarm an hour or so before my chosen bedtime to remind me to start winding down. I dim the lights, switch off electronics, diffuse some essential oil and sometimes put on some relaxing music. I try and make sure to put my phone down before my head hits the pillow and make time for some reading or a quick breathing meditation. I also like to use a Magnesium spray, valerian or a sleepy tea if I need some extra support. If I know I have to be up early I like to set out my clothes the night before and meal prep some breakfast too.

Start small 

If you want to create a new morning routine the key is to start small. Start with one or two new habits that you want to include and stack them onto your current habits. Habit stacking is a great way to make your habits stick. For example once you’ve brushed your teeth then you floss your teeth. Or while you drink your morning coffee, write down what you are grateful for. Remember creating new habits takes time, aim for progress over perfection.

Tune in to what you need 

When you wake up in the morning ask yourself what do I need? Chances are aimlessly scrolling through social media isn’t the answer! Some mornings you may wake up and feel like a workout, sometimes you might feel like you need to meditate or have a slower morning. However you feel is what is right for you. When I wake up and start the day with a quick walk in the fresh air I feel ready to start the day. Also coffee… it’s essential!

Hydrate before you caffeinate

For me coffee is kind of a non negotiable. I’m not telling you you need to give up coffee, no way! Instead, why don’t you try drinking a glass of water before you caffeinate in the morning to start off on the right foot. After your body has been sleeping overnight, it needs water to rehydrate, boost your energy and aid in digestion. You can add in some fresh lemon or berries as well if you have trouble drinking plain water. Some other warm drinks I like to start the day with apart from coffee are chai tea or matcha, or for a caffeine free alternative I like dandelion chai or a herbal tea.

Nourishing breakfast

Some mornings it seems like all you have time for is to chug down a coffee and run out the door. Not ideal! These days I try to make time for breakfast every morning. However, if you aren’t hungry when you first wake up don’t feel like you have to force yourself to eat, wait until later in the morning if you need. If I have to be up early I’ll prep something the night before so there’s no need to in the morning. Some of my favourite quick breakfasts include – avocado on toast, a balanced smoothie or some overnight oats or chia pudding.

Remember every day you get to choose how you start your day – so tune in and make a conscious decision on what you need!