20 simple self care ideas (even when you’re busy)

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Self care is something that’s easy to forget about and put at the bottom of our never ending to-do lists… I get it! When we take care of ourselves and fill our own cup up first it’s easier to share this fullness with the other people in your life. Here are a few things you can do either by yourself or with your loved ones, whether that’s a partner, bestie, family member or your dog. Find my favourite simple self care ideas below!

1. Disconnect from social media for part of your day – there’s nothing worse than comparison-itis whether you are feeling loved up or not.

2. Write in a gratitude journal – Note down a few things you are grateful for in life, it seems a bit corny but it works!

3. Go for a walk outside – get some vitamin D and enjoy the sunshine and fresh air. Guaranteed to make you feel better instantly!

4. Take yourself out for a massage – or try and convince someone else to give you one! 

5. Enjoy a nice meal – whether you get something at the local cafe on a work break, head out for a scoop or 2 of gelato or order in Uber Eats while sitting in your PJs, as long as it’s delicious it doesn’t matter!

6. Spend some time by yourself – run a bath, light a nice candle or read a book – or all of the above!

7. Practice some yoga or meditation – Even if you only have 10 minutes spare, find a quiet space and work through a few yoga poses or even just do some deep breathing.

8. Read your favourite book or magazine – find a cosy spot and let some time pass by while enjoying your favourite book or magazine. Bonus points if it’s uplifting and motivating too! One of my faves is Wellbeing Magazine.

9. Brew a cup of tea– Pop the kettle on and make a cup of your favourite tea, whether it’s a chai latte or something caffeine free like peppermint, ginger or chamomile tea, taking a few moments to enjoy a cup of your favourite brew will be sure to help you wind down. Some of my favourite herbal tea brands are Nerada, Pukka and Higher Living.

10. Drink a big glass of water – Hydration is something we can easily forget to do but having a big glass of water or two will do wonders for your mind and body. Add your favourite citrus fruits or berries if you need to add some extra flavour.

11. Dance like no one is watching – Put on a fun tune and have a boogie. Even if you are home alone and in your PJs, having a jump around your lounge room is bound to put you in a better mood.

12. Be creative – Even if you don’t feel like you have any creative skills, take some time to doodle in a notepad, try some painting or fill in a colouring book. I recently did a pottery class and loved it!

13. Have a nap – Sometimes we just need a lie down. Find a quiet spot and close your eyes and drift off to sleep.

14. Diffuse some essential oils – Using essential oils can have such a positive effect on our mood. Use a calming blend with lavender to relax or diffuse a citrus blend to lift your spirits. I buy most of mine from Perfect Potion.

15. Do some cooking – Get in the kitchen and whip up your favourite comfort food or healthy treat. Make extra so you have leftovers too!

16. Make a vision board – Thinking about your goals and making it visual will help you keep your dreams front of mind. I like to use Pinterest to find images of travel destinations, cool home decor or inspiring quotes. You can follow me on Pinterest too. https://ro.pinterest.com/KirstieTMN/

17. Listen to a podcast – Listen to an episode of your favourite podcast or discover a new one. There are so many out there that are educational, inspiring or just plain entertaining. Some of my current faves are the Rise and Conquer podcast by Georgie Stevenson, Earn Your Happy by Lori Harder, Deliciously Ella and the Marie Forleo podcast.

18. Do some cleaning or declutter your wardrobe – Organising and tidying up your space will definitely make you

feel so much lighter and clearer. Having less mess lying around always makes me feel so much better.

19. Put on a face mask – As cliche as it sounds applying a face mask, painting your nails or even just washing your face can definitely make you feel good.

20. Try something new – Signing up for a language class, finding a new hobby or sport could be just the thing to get you out of a rut. Stepping outside your comfort zone is always scary but definitely worth it! I recently tried some pottery classes which were so much fun!